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DhajiAmma Recipes

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Here you will find
Traditional recipes in new avatar with market like taste at home without compromising health and wealth.

Saraswati Audio Books

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Hello friends, I Archana Singh at Saraswati Audiobooks tries to bring new Audiobooks in hindi to enlighten your mind with the knowledge of the Expert Authors from different fields. I publish one New chapter every wednesday. I will bring Audiobooks in following categories:
1. Personal Development
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Autobiography / Biographies
4. Money Management

Reason Finder

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We at Reason Finder India bring analysis on most happening and concerning issue prevailing in the society. We focus on bringing most detailed research with valid proofs and evidences which are often ignored by most. This is initiative to give viewers a second perspective to see other side of the problem. We are concerned about silver linings in the dark clouds, thus we try to bring solutions to these problems.